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Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College

Messege of the Chairman:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College is a pioneer institution to train the students for becoming knowledgeable & engaging medical practitioners. Dicipline , hard work & follow-up are the basic building blocks of the college. Students ,teachers and stuff of the college have been working as a team from the inception of this institution ,

The result & achievements of the college so far can claim admiration. Students have engaged themselves in their studies very enthusiastically with open minds & the teachers teach them holistically . Our approach is practical & Traditional but the thinking is always resolving around the modern medical innovations.


Students here would receive all the modern facilities all the modern facilities with their experienced & friendly  teaching staff. They are allowed to learn anything in the fields of medicine through active involvement  in their studies.

Welcome abroad . This journey take your life to a new height . Enjoy it with your full energy & try to be the best in your field.

May Almighty Bless you All.


Mrs. Laila Arjumand

Chairman, Shaheed  Monsur Ali Trust.

Governing Body,Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College.